We Are Open

Forest Hills Club is open to visitors and campers. We are required to enforce the 6-foot rule for social distancing and there are some restrictions related to the number of people allowed in the clubhouse, hot tub, and office, so please pay attention to the signs.  

 Michigan’s Oldest Clothing Optional Club (Since 1957)

9355 RIVERSIDE DR., SARANAC, MI 48881 (Click for Map)

(616) 642-9526

Email: info@foresthillsclub.com

Office Hours – May 1 – October 15
All Days :     10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Why try clothing optional?

Your First Time?

Note: Wi Fi is available.  No camera usage will be allowed.  Devices with cameras will be permitted on site ONLY if the camera lens (es) are covered.  Stickers will be available in the club office.  If you bring a pet you will need to provide vaccination records for that pet as mandated by State Law.

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