New to Social Nudism? We’re Glad You’re Considering a Visit

Since you’ve stopped by this page, we assume that you have more than a little bit of interest—or simply some curiosity—about nudism. You’ve come to the right place. Now, can we ask you this?—is skinny-dipping on your bucket list but you’ve got some reservations about giving it a try? Perhaps if you read further, you’ll be reassured that having some anxiety about being nude for the first time in “public” is totally normal. Getting nude in mixed company, among people you don’t know, may seem like a daunting experience, but people who try it out quickly learn that being nude outdoors and experiencing the sun, breeze, and pool water on your totally bare body can be an amazing experience.

For many people, the anxiety of taking off one’s clothes among other people for the first time
quickly disappears when they see that nudists come in all shapes and sizes; they represent all
ages and personal backgrounds—the entire cultural, social, religious, economic, educational,
and political spectrums—representing every personal characteristic you can think of. We don’t
pay any attention to anyone’s social status. Where we shop, what we drive, where our kids go to
school—none of these are of any concern. What’s important is who we are and how we want to feel;
we are never critical about anyone else’s
appearance. Also, people who practice social nudism are totally accepting of their bodies, it’s just
our body, after all. Indeed, body acceptance is a given among people who practice social nudism,
and first-timers with self-image issues feel that their self-consciousness melts away after a very
short time of being clothes-free. So, are issues of self-esteem keeping you from “taking the
plunge” and missing out on your skinny-dipping experience?

Once you’ve socialized in the nude, you will come to realize how enormous an impact on
people’s self-identity is forced by the clothing they wear. A person’s clothing locks him or her
into expected behaviors and those expectations contribute to the tensions of daily life. Those who
embrace social nudism soon find that they are able to shed the stresses and expectations of daily
life and while they’re relaxing and enjoying their stay at a resort; they become totally relaxed and
free from stress.

Beautiful Oriole

I’m afraid I’ll get very anxious; what then?—you may ask. It’s totally natural for people to experience some anxiety when they decide to go ahead and get nude in public. Both men and women actually experience similar uncertainties but the reasons for their hesitancy are almost certainly different. For men, the most common worry is the embarrassment of getting physically aroused. Be assured that this situation rarely happens in a typical social nudist setting, even among first-timers. And if, by some chance, you do experience an erection, simply cover up with a towel, jump in the pool, or otherwise conceal it until it goes away. For women, their concerns are somewhat more complex so we encourage you to look at our flyer on “Nudist Etiquette” found at this link.

And what about the kids? No problem there; kids are natural nudists. Sometimes preteens and teenagers will be a little modest at first, but very soon they begin to feel comfortable in their skin and you’ll have a problem getting them out of the pool, let alone getting them to dress to leave!

Enough about philosophy now—let’s get practical. What is Forest Hills Club about, exactly? We’re organized as a private club but we’re also a clothing-optional family-oriented resort and campground which is open to the public. “Clothing optional” means that, while nudity is the norm here, you are welcome to wear clothing for protection from the elements or even just because you are feeling modest. The only exception is that nudity is mandatory when using the swimming pool and hot tub. “Family-oriented” means that we are not a swingers’ club and overt sexual behavior in public is not acceptable. We encourage and expect the same kind of behavior that would be expected at any other campground or public park, except that we do it in the nude.

What Can I Expect on My Visit?

When you arrive, you’ll stop at the gate call box, where you’ll be instructed to drive up to the office. Here you’ll be greeted and briefly interviewed by staff or a Club member who may or may not be clothed. We interview all first-time visitors for two reasons. First, we’ll try to make you at ease for your visit, since many first-timers may be a bit nervous or apprehensive—particularly if this is their first nudist experience. Secondly, we want to ensure that our visitors have come here for the right reasons. We want our guests to be people who are genuinely interested in experiencing the social-nudist culture and are not those who may have prurient interests.

Then as part of the check-in, we’ll make a photocopy of your government-issued picture ID (usually a driver’s license), give you some handouts about Club rules and nudist etiquette, and inform you of our policy of conducting Public Sex Offender Registry and Criminal History Background checks for all visitors. Virtually all clubs have such checks to keep our facilities a safe environment for all visitors and members. Then our fees will be collected. We accept cash or credit/debit cards for payment of fees. Finally, we’ll give you a tour of the Club’s facilities.

Preparing for Your Visit

What Should I Bring?

  • A photo ID. All visitors will need to present their driver’s license or another
    government-issued photo ID.
  • Towels. You’ll need towels to put on your chair and to dry yourself after swimming and
    showering. Also, carry a towel wherever you go and use it to sit on.
  • Funds. Bring cash or a bank card to pay your daily fee and for other incidental expenses.
  • Proper footwear. You may want flip-flops or sandals for the pool area and sneakers for
    the hiking trails or sports areas.
  • Sunscreen. Protect your skin, especially those parts which don’t normally get exposed.
  • Bug spray. We’re in a forest. You may not want to feed the mosquitos if you go hiking.
  • Sarong/wrap. Women sometimes prefer a wrap to wear when they’re away from the pool.
  • Food and drink. We have breakfast and lunch service on weekends, and pop, water, and
    ice cream are available. For other food or drink, bring what you need.

What Should I Leave Home?

  • Cameras/camera-enabled devices. We absolutely prohibit all photography except by official Club photographers, who will never take a person’s photo without their express permission.
  • Pets. Pets are permitted but they must be leashed, and aren’t allowed inside the central loop road. This includes the pool area and the clubhouse. Pets are prohibited in rental cabins. (Service dogs are allowed, but contact the Club.) Proof of vaccination is required.


We’re looking forward to your visit. If you’ve never gone skinny-dipping—or experienced the fun and freedom of nude recreation, you’ll be in for an amazing, liberating, and relaxing experience when you visit Forest Hills Club. And you’ll be able to cross off another item from your bucket list too. Way to go!