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As of January, 2019 subject to change

Forest Hills Club, Inc. is a cooperative nonprofit corporation. Forest Hills is self-governing with a board of directors elected by the Members. Members share in the financial responsibilities of the club. Operating expenses are shared equally among the membership by way of annual dues and annual assessments for site license holders. In an effort to keep costs low, Members are encouraged to contribute personal services to the club if able.

Membership Fees · Single $ 710.00 · Family $ 750.00

A Family Membership generally includes a couple and their minor children and minor grandchildren. Annual dues are due upon becoming a member, and are billed annually on the 1st of the month of your membership anniversary. Some benefits of membership include:

· Access to Club property 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

· Complimentary membership in AANR

· Voting rights during the spring and fall general assembly for appointment of board members and other significant matters that may arise.

· 10% discount on nightly camping fees and cabin rentals.

Lifetime Site License Fees

Members may purchase a lifetime campsite license, and that site license entitles them to use a specified lot. A site license can be passed by will if the beneficiary is a member or becomes a member. A site license can also be sold to another member. A site license can be purchased for $600.

In addition, there is an annual assessment in January on site license holders (currently $390) which is used to pay the property taxes and operating expenses of the Club. The annual assessment is billed January 1 each year.

There is a $150 transfer fee for site license sales between members should you sell your site.

T Lot rental Fees

Members can also rent certain designated campsites (T Lots) on an annual basis for $500. The rent is billed April 1 each year.


All sites and T lots have metered electric and the member is responsible for all electrical charges at rates established by the Club.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Memberships and Lifetime Site Licenses are granted only upon approval of the board. Site License Holders and Membership are subject to other terms and conditions which can be found in our Constitution and Membership Handbook, available upon request at the Club office. This information is intended only to provide a brief overview of the costs associated with Members