Why try clothing optional?

chuck3My name is Chuck Brower. My wife Brenda and I have been members of Forest Hills Club since the summer of 1993. Our first visit to Forest Hills was a Father’s Day gift to me from Brenda; she agreed to the visit on the condition that if she was not comfortable with nudism, I would never again pester her about visiting a clothing-optional club.

As it turned out, we returned to Forest Hills every weekend that summer, and we became members in August of that year. The following summer we placed a travel trailer on a campsite, and Forest Hills Club has been the central factor in our social life ever since.

Whenever we tell this story, Brenda is asked, “What changed your mind about nudism?” Her answer is always the same–“The people.” You see, there is something very different about relationships that are not based on income, education, religion, political affiliation, ethnic origin, or any of the other outward trappings that society likes to use to define who we are. Without our clothes, we are all just people. For that reason, since we joined Forest Hills Club,  we have become close friends with many people who we might never have gotten to know in the textile world. And this has brought a dimension to our lives that so many people will never experience.

Brenda and I encourage you to take the same chance that we took more than 20 years ago. Visit Forest Hills Club for a day or a weekend. When you do, look for us at the pool, or take a walk up the South Hill and stop by to chat with us. We’re at site S-10–anyone at the poolside can give you directions. We love company and we’d love to meet you.

Give clothing optional a try. Come see us!