Hi,                                                                                                                         1/22/2023

We are Sean and Laura Bell. This photo was taken at one of the Events here at FHC called The Tea Party. As usual with us being artist we had to paint ourselves to suit the event. It took place at the top of the West Hill. What a wonderful time. We would like to encourage you to join the fun too!

Our Story starts in 2006. Sean's Birthday is in August.  He says to me, "Hey let's go to this campground where you can camp rustic in the pine trees, they have a pool and they play water Volleyball." I said, "It sounds like fun, let's do it!" I love to play Volleyball!

Upon arriving to our destination 2 hours into the trip, we get to the office and find a campground host to check us in.  "She says hop in the golf cart I will show you around!"   We get to the pool and from a distance I see naked people laying in the sun.  "Oh my, they don't have any clothes on!  Where did he bring me?  I pretended to be cool about it. He takes me aside and gives me a talk. "Well what do you think?'  Um, I guess, I didn't know that people were going to be naked! But I'm willing to explore and be adventurous."

We set up camp in the woods and then took our clothes off and looked at each other and said, "Are you ready?"  Yep let's do this!  Then he says to me, "Now if anyone hits on you or touches you inappropriately we will deal with it accordingly." I said, Ok! Then he said, Let's have a drink before we go." Coming from a man who didn't allow alcohol at home.  Funny! His idea and he is more nervous than me!

We find our way through the pine trees and to the pool, greeted by others with a smile.  We say hi and smile back.  I'm thinking wow I'm really doing this! Sean and I get in the pool and it was quit refreshing having the water hit your naked body as though it never happened before. After all I had taken many baths at home.  But the open air, the sunshine, the blue beautiful sky the sun in your face and the crystal clear clean water surrounded my naked body made me feel free!

As we were swimming people we just met were inquiring about us and our visit.  Upon a short conversation a gentlemen says to me, "Is this your first time?" I said yes, Why?  He said, "I can tell by your tan lines."  We had a great laugh. He said I was doing very well for my first time.  Next thing I know I'm playing water volleyball.  Yep, I got sunburnt as well!

One thing I knew is that I was very comfortable with the naked body. I was going to go to college to be a nurse at one time. Sean wanted to give it a try and if I didn't like it then we weren't coming back. For 15 years we came back to the place in the pine trees and enjoyed making friends and learning about this life style that I did not know existed. It was our sacred get away. We had 3 young children still in school. You might say why not bring them? Well they were not raised this way and we found that we had something we enjoyed just between us. It actually enhanced what was already a beautiful marriage. 

One of the couples that we met at the camp in the pine trees visited Forest Hills Club and eventually became members. They called us up one day in the summer of 2019 and invited us to her birthday party she was having at her campsite.  She says, "You will love it here."  We came early evening due to work and it was a 2 hour travel for us.  Upon meeting us at the gate, we followed them behind a golf cart and made it to the camp site and met many of her friends who were members.

She walked us through the grounds and it was dark by then and of course we met many more friendly faces.  In the summer of 2020 we came a few times with day passes. We then were invited to many more gatherings. We met more members.  In the fall of 2020 we became members. We bought our first camper and we parked it on T-16 and remain there today.

We can't help ourselves but to help beautify the grounds, and to be a part of something so beautiful and to welcome people to the Club weather new to the idea or masters of the idea for years. To us it's a home away from home. 

Sean and Laura Bell




chuck3My name is Chuck Brower. My wife Brenda and I have been members of Forest Hills Club since the summer of 1993. Our first visit to Forest Hills was a Father's Day gift to me from Brenda; she agreed to the visit on the condition that if she was not comfortable with nudism, I would never again pester her about visiting a clothing-optional club.

As it turned out, we returned to Forest Hills every weekend that summer, and we became members in August of that year. The following summer we placed a travel trailer on a campsite, and Forest Hills Club has been the central factor in our social life ever since.

Whenever we tell this story, Brenda is asked, "What changed your mind about nudism?" Her answer is always the same--"The people." You see, there is something very different about relationships that are not based on income, education, religion, political affiliation, ethnic origin, or any of the other outward trappings that society likes to use to define who we are. Without our clothes, we are all just people. For that reason, since we joined Forest Hills Club,  we have become close friends with many people who we might never have gotten to know in the textile world. And this has brought a dimension to our lives that so many people will never experience.

Brenda and I encourage you to take the same chance that we took more than 20 years ago. Visit Forest Hills Club for a day or a weekend. 

Give clothing optional a try. Come see us!