Forest Hills Club is a family oriented clothing optional club, and the following list of rules is intended to assure that you understand the behavior that is expected of both annual members and daily members. It is not a complete list of the Club’s rules and regulations. 

Generally speaking, we expect the same behavior  from our daily members that would be expected at any other campground.  Daily members who fail to behave according to the Club’s rules will be escorted from the grounds without a refund and will not be readmitted.

All daily members must register at the office immediately upon entering the Club’s grounds. Just follow the signs. We require photo ID for all adults, so please have your driver’s license, state ID or passport  with you when you register.  

WiFi is available.

All recording devices such as cameras, cell phone cameras, video cameras and binoculars are prohibited.  If your cell phone or any other device is capable of taking pictures or recording video, you MUST either place a sticker over the lens (es) or leave it in your vehicle.  (stickers available in the office) There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule and daily members who violate it will be escorted from the grounds and will not be readmitted.

no cell

Carry a towel wherever you go, and use it  whenever you sit.

Everyone must shower with soap every time before entering the pool or hot tub.

For safety reasons, no glass containers are permitted inside the pool fence.

Our clubhouse and all out-buildings are smoke-free, including the dressing room, rental cabins, rest rooms, and office.

Provocative, voyeuristic, or overt sexual behavior,  foul language, and the use or possession of illegal drugs are prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted  if used in moderation.  Intoxication is not acceptable.

No clothing of any kind, including swim shoes, may be worn in the swimming pool or hot tub.

No running or horseplay in the swimming pool area.

No food, beverages, or smoking are allowed in the swimming pool or inside the hot tub gazebo.

Dees_DogsPets are welcome at Forest Hills Club, but they are not allowed in the club house,  rental cabins or swimming pool area except for service animals. Where pets are allowed they must be leashed  or under the direct control of the owner.  Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.

Children must be directly supervised by their parents at all times, and are not permitted inside the pool fence unless a parent or an adult appointed by a parent is also inside the pool fence to directly supervise the child.

Quiet time is from 1:00AM to 8:00AM on week days and  1:00 AM to 10:00AM on week ends and holidays.

Children under 13 years of age must be at their campsites by 11:00 PM, teens by midnight.

The clubhouse may not be used for overnight accommodation.

Staying overnight in your car is the same as camping, and the appropriate fees will be charged.

If you have stayed overnight, check-out time is 11:00 AM. 

We ask that you clean up your campsite before leaving and use the trash containers and ash trays that are provided. There are also designated containers for cans and bottles that have a deposit, and a sanitary dump station for your convenience.

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